About Us

"Louca's is renowned for their skill with seafood and passion for seasonal produce. Owner/operator Peter Louca with his team of professional's work in unison to present an outstanding menu bursting with freshness and innovative flavour combinations."

Our History

Dates way back to 1853 when The Parade Fish Café was opened by Procopis and Nikos Louca. In 58 years no one ever had a bad meal there or ever left without a smile.

The shop was rebuilt in the 1960s and decorated in powder blue tiles with fish on them, then after a fire in 2000 it was refitted with a cosy licensed restaurant at the back. Plus yiros.

The famous come and go. Barry Humphries signed the wall "Barry Humpfish, June 03" and drew a caricature of his profile on a fish saying "delicious".

Old Tom Playford - lobster and a cup of tea, Don Dunstan, The Beatles' chauffeur popped in for five serves of fish 'n' chips for them and him. Bart Cummings. But it's the ordinary people who are most important to the story.

Marios remembers The Parade before it passed by. The Parade of yore with trams, angle parking, dances in the Town Hall, lines round the block to see The Ten Commandments atthe Odeon and his customers eating fish 'n' chips off the bonnets of their cars.

Marios treats everyone the same because everybody is special to him and everybody gets that old-fashioned courtly service. "I love them. I love the regulars. I know what they want before they order."

He's funny. "Without butterfish Australia would be finished", and "We came from Cyprus because they told us `in Australia you find money in the gutters' and I'm still looking". Does he eat his own fish 'n' chips? "Every single night," he chuckles.

Re-opened in March of 2011 by Peter Louca, Louca's Seafood Grill has fast built a reputation as one of the most trusted seafood restaurants in Adelaide. Tracing its origins across three generations, making it the oldest family operated seafood cafe/restaurant currently trading to this day. Peter began working with his parents Marios and Mary in the family's fish cafe since the age of 16, where he learnt the technique of sourcing and preparing the finest local seafood available.

With the menu and wine list comprising only the highest quality Australian produce and wines, Louca's Seafood Grill has received numerous awards and praise from some of the most highly acclaimed food critics in the country.

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